With our hectic lifestyles with little or no time to watch television, more and more of us are turning to streaming services. These services are perfect for busy individuals as they can catch up on the latest shows and movies when they are free. Listed below are a few of the most popular streaming services and TV cable packages.

Streaming services

Netflix – When discussing streaming services the most popular one that comes to mind is Netflix. The wide range of Netflix Original TV shows and movies and affordable pricing is what makes this platform much sought after. It is the biggest and best of all the streaming services. Netflix also offers users a 1-month free trial to help you decide between the basic, HD, and 4K Premium plans.

Prime Video – There’s not much of a difference between the offerings of Netflix and Prime. Prime also has its Originals series and offers a 1-month free trial. It also has an excellent choice of movies and is compatible on a wide range of devices including Android, Apple, Google Chromecast, etc. The difference between Netflix and Prime Video is that with Prime, in addition to video streaming, you also get premium delivery for items purchased and a wide variety of music.

Hulu – If you’re only interested in big-name TV shows such as Saturday Night Live, The Simpsons, and much more, then Hulu is just for you. It has a low base price and plenty of TV and original shows. Of all the popular streaming services and TV cable packages, Hulu is perfect for binge-watching the series you missed out on.

Disney Plus – The content on this streaming platform is family-friendly and hence, perfect for kids. You can find all the Disney animated movies on this user-friendly streaming service.

TV cable packages

DIRECTV Ultimate all included – Offering all the well-known sports channels such as NFL Network, NBA TV, NHL Network, etc. The sports package offered by DIRECTV is perfect for sports enthusiasts. This budget-friendly package also gives you access to the NFL Sunday Ticket.

DISH America’s Top 200 – This is the best family package and is suitable for children. Programs come with age-based ratings and reviews. Priced at $0.33 per channel per month, DISH America offers more than 240 channels and is quite affordable too. With the DISH Anywhere service you can watch your programs even when you are away from your TV.

AT&T TV Ultimate +Internet – Of all the Most Popular Streaming Services and TV Cable Packages, this one offers not only the best TV but also Internet. Even though it is a bit expensive, it does offer plenty of channels and promises extremely fast download speeds.

This list of the most popular streaming services and TV cable packages will help you on deciding whether you should opt for a streaming service or a cable package.