When the skin begins to age, it starts losing its elasticity. Every little facial expression can leave permanent lines and wrinkles on the face. But there are many makeup hacks for aging skin to look and feel beautiful again. With these tricks, you can make your face look younger and more radiant every single day. While instantly making you look prettier, these hacks are also gentle on your skin.

Here are some of  the most effective makeup hacks for aging skin:

Never Skip Moisturizing
Moisturizing your skin every single day, post the skin cleansing routine, is something you cannot skip. Dryness can be a damaging factor for aging skin. You must use a lightweight everyday moisturizer on your skin, preferably one that leaves a matte finish. Such moisturizers, without clumping near the fine lines, deliver a smooth result irrespective of the makeup products you use.

Use the Right Primer
Using a primer on your face and on the eyelids can make a huge difference to your makeup. One of the best makeup hacks for aging skin is to pick a good-quality primer that helps you with creating an even texture. Tiny lines and oiliness on the eyelids can also be effortlessly concealed with the use of a suitable primer. Primers also have the benefit of prolonging the staying power of your makeup, even on a busy workday.

Choose the Right Makeup Stroke Direction
Choose a cream foundation that is closest to your natural skin tone and use a similar hue in concealer if you have pigmentation spots. Invest in good makeup tools to complement your cosmetics. Always move your brushes in the outward direction starting from the center of your face. This will help you achieve better coverage in fewer strokes.

Highlight Your Strongest Traits
Instead of focusing too much on the hiding of wrinkled skin and pigmentation, try and shift focus to your youthful and attractive traits. Use a good eyeliner to tightly line on the waterline. A creamy lip color that goes well with your undertone would also enhance the look. Mastering your eye makeup skills can prove to be fruitful once your skin starts to age.

Stick to Subtle Looks
Dramatic colors and too much shimmer can spoil the look, especially with aging skin. Ypou should aim for subtlety and choose sophisticated makeup products that would nourish your skin while also beautifying it. We  suggest embracing your textured skin and choosing products that blend effortlessly on the skin. Also, you should avoid layering too many products as that can do more harm than good for your makeup.

Besides following the above makeup hacks for aging skin, you can try and avoid matte finish products that can make your fine lines appear more prominent. Also, you must stay away from face powder as it can sometimes highlight your wrinkles. It’s advisable to switch to a cream foundation and other smoothly gliding cosmetics for better results.