One activity that most people in the country are missing out on is working out in their gyms. Thankfully, you do not have to compromise on your health anymore. Here is a list of top brand name equipment for a home gym that you can invest in and workout from home.

Bowflex dumbbells
These adjustable dumbbells are sleek and beautiful, and will add elegance to your home gym. These are also quite powerful. In the list of top brand name equipment for a home gym, this equipment is listed because it is versatile. You can do your full-body workout with a pair of these dumbbells. Each dumbbell can be adjusted between five and 52.5 pounds. If you have these, you do not have to invest in multiple individual dumbbells.

Marcy home gym station
This 150lb home gym station is a great investment if you are serious about working out. This is made of premium steel and gives you a full-body workout. You can use the arm press and the Lat Bar for core strength, and the ankle strap, curl pad and the leg developer for lower body workouts. You can complete an hour of workout from a single machine.

NordicTrack Incline Trainer
Want to run up a hill? The next best alternative to living in hilly terrain is buying the X22i Incline Trainer. An inclination of 40% is quite impressive. This has an HD screen where you can cast views of scenic locations while you run. The trainer has a variety of modes to choose from.

Nautilus trainer
This elliptical trainer is highly rated and is a great equipment that gives you up to 22 different programs. You can choose from 20 different resistance levels and set goals too. This great cardio workout equipment will keep your body fit and flexible even when you cannot step outside the house.

Reebok Aerobic Deck
If you are an aerobics fan, then the top brand name equipment for a home gym list will not be complete without the aerobic deck from Reebok. This is super stylish and comes with a storage facility. There are three inclination positions to choose from and two height positions for your comfort. This deck can be integrated into most of your workout regimes for fun and variation.

All these pieces of equipment from top brands for a home gym are worth the money you pay and will help you stay fit from the comfort of your house. The equipment are created to last you for years, and all of them have multiple-year warranties and quick servicing options too. So, what are you waiting for? Build your home gym today.