Cat treats are occasional snacking options that pet parents offer to their cats and kittens. These treats can be used to train the cat or reward a good behavior. Many pet owners, however, choose sugary and fat-rich items for their beloved fur babies that contribute to their excessive weight gain. To avoid that, here are useful tips for buying healthy cat treats.

  • Do not opt for human treats: There are many families that offer their cats human snacks and treats, assuming human food is better tasting than cat food. You should know that human food can be very difficult for cats to digest, and can cause indigestion problems. Always choose cat-friendly treats and snacks.
  • Look for protein-rich treats: Cats benefit a lot from good proteins. When you buy cat treats, check the labels. Proteins have to be a major component of the treat to actually make it healthy.
  • Stay away from treats with added sweeteners: Sweet tasting treats are very bad for cats as they contribute to excess weight gain and subsequent diabetes. Cats are not very active naturally, and hence, their calories and nutrient intakes have to be constantly monitored. Do not buy any treat that has added sweeteners in them.
  • Go for carb-free treats: This tip for buying healthy cat treats will ensure your pet does not suffer from frequent digestive issues. Carbohydrates are not great macros for cats. They cause bloating, vomiting, abdominal pain, and other digestive issues. When the ingredient label mentions the addition of wheat, soy, rice, or corn, do not pick the product up.
  • Say no to added colors and fragrances: To make cat treats more enticing, lots of brands add artificial colors and fragrances to their products. Preservatives are also regularly added. All these are carcinogenic to the cat and can increase their chances of developing cancer. Look for ingredients like BHT, BHA, glycerin, and food colors in the labels, and stay away from those items.
  • Choose low sodium/sodium-free treats: Sodium is added in treats to improve their taste. However, cats get really dehydrated after consuming excess sodium. Try finding sodium-free, natural treats that are healthier for the them.
  • Do not go overboard with the treats: A crucial tip for buying healthy cat treats is to not go overboard with it. Cats like treats and will always be happy to receive them. This, however, doesn’t mean you can offer treats multiple times a day, every day of the week like food. Do remember that moderation is the key here. Treats are to be offered occasionally.

Cats are wonderful pets and it is the responsibility of the pet parent to ensure they live healthier for a longer time. Keep in mind all these tips for buying healthy cat treats and choose natural ingredients that are chemical-free and are protein-rich to keep your four-legged buddy healthy.