Clothes play a huge role in defining a woman and her tastes. This is why, you should pick up the dress that makes you look attractive and confident. Choosing the right dress and putting it on for the right occasion matters a lot. Here is a list of top dresses for every occasion that you should invest in.

Floor-length dresses
Are you attending a black-tie dinner? Are you accompanying your husband to an event at his workplace? Or are you planning to attend a gala? For all such formal events, a floor length gown is the way to go. You can choose these in materials like satin or silk and keep prints minimum. These accentuate your figure and make you look tall and confident. You should have these in your wardrobe.

Evening dresses
There is a whole category called “evening dresses” offered by all top clothing brands. These are a mix of semi-formal and casual types and are also called dressy-casuals. Most of these evening dresses are knee-length and come with minimal frills and embellishments. These can be worn to cocktail parties, wedding receptions, and even to birthday parties of friends and family. In the list of top dresses for every occasion, these are certainly very versatile and comfortable.

Club dresses
These are fun dresses that you will enjoy wearing when you go out clubbing. If you are a socialite, you should definitely have a couple of such club dresses in your wardrobe. These can be bodycon, off-shoulders, or sequined glittery clothes. These all make you look stunning and will set the room alight the minute you walk in.

Little Black Dresses (LBD)
Your list of top dresses for every occasion is not complete without LBDs. These are versatile and can be worn to cocktail evenings, to clubs and parties, and are also acceptable during wedding receptions. These come in many cuts and styles, and with some smart pairing, you can also wear these on formal occasions. You will also look amazing wearing one of these to your dates.

Summer maxi dresses
Once the weather gets a little warm, you can enjoy wearing a variety of breezy and soft cotton summer maxis that are available in lovely prints and bright colors. Summer is an ideal time to wear prints and patterns you wouldn’t dare to before. You can also pack your maxis to beach holidays. You will look cool and sexy all at once. These maxis are usually loose and comfortable to wear.

All these top dresses for every occasion should be staples in the wardrobes of women of all ages. These never fail when chosen for the right occasion. Always ensure you are comfortable in the style that you choose. This will make you naturally confident with whatever you wear.