The role of weighted blankets has been vital in therapy clinics. With time, these blankets have gained popularity and are now readily available in the market. The blankets work wonders for people looking to improve their sleep quality and those dealing with sensory issues.

Check out these health benefits of weighted blankets for body and mind:

  • Reduces anxiety
    Anxiety is a common concern among people in these uncertain times. It can lead to many sleepless nights, which can cause insomnia. Weighted blankets can help minimize this problem by providing a firm but tender pressure whenever you need it. You can use the blankets anywhere. Some even use the smaller types in the office or the car.
  • Better sleep quality
    A restful sleep is what you really need after a long day at work. Improving your sleep quality is one of the pivotal health benefits of weighted blankets. The pressure and firmness that these blankets provide is what enables people to fall asleep faster and maintain good sleep hygiene.
  • Relieves symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder
    People diagnosed with OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder can find considerable comfort with weighted blankets. The deep touch pressure from these poly pellets filled gravity blankets increases the serotonin levels in people. It provides a soothing effect. Other than OCD symptoms, health issues such as bipolar disorder, aggression, and traumatic stress disorder can also be eased.
  • Improves focus of children with ADHD
    Kids with autism can find it really hard to concentrate on things they are not interested in. Weighted blankets can aid in improving their concentration a great deal. The health benefits of weighted blankets are not restricted to a particular age group, and that is what makes them ideal in more ways than one. The sense of security that kids get by being under such blankets encourages them to focus better.
  • Helps in tackling sensory processing disorder
    Some researchers describe sensory processing disorder as a traffic jam in the brain of a person. The information gets mixed up in the brain, causing a lot of stress and anxiety in people. This can happen with anyone irrespective of age, and among the health benefits of weighted blankets is the ability to bring a calming effect on people. The feeling of calmness soothes the mind and gets rid of the clogged information that provides relief to the people, who have anxiety.

Weighted blankets can be bought in different sizes and the tiny beads inside them can be anything like plastic or sand. Considering the many health benefits of weighted blankets, it is not surprising to see people turning to them to get relief from anxiety. Also, who doesn’t enjoy a warm hug, if you have the blanket, you get hugs whenever you need on. People looking to try them out can consult a doctor for more information.