Snacks are an essential part of your overall nutrition as they keep the energy levels up in between the meals. But, when it comes to people with diabetes, it becomes crucial to switch to healthier snacking options. Such snacks can be an excellent source of fibers, protein, and carbohydrates without adding sugar in your diet. So, here is a list of low sugar snacks for diabetics, which are healthy and delicious at the same time.

  • Hard-boiled eggs
    Loaded with proteins, they provide maximum assistance in preventing blood sugar from rising too high. Most importantly, they promote a feeling of fullness, which is required in case of diabetes type-2. It is associated with the risk of gaining excessive weight and developing heart disease.
  • Almonds
    Among various low sugar snacks for people with diabetes, almonds are very useful in diabetes management. They deliver a perfect combination of fiber, protein, and healthy fats to stabilize the blood sugar. Also, almonds have been known to show benefits for heart health and weight management to prevent and treat type-2 diabetes.
  • Avocado
    If you have diabetes, avocados can help in regulating blood sugar levels. You can eat them raw, in salads, or make delicious dips with them. Although, as they are high in calories, it is advised to consume a serving size of one-fourth or half of an avocado.
  • Try apples with peanut butter
    One of the best low sugar snacks for diabetics can be sliced apple paired with peanut butter. They make for a healthy and mouth-watering snack. Apples are loaded with several nutrients, including B vitamin, vitamin C, and potassium, while peanut butter provides vitamin E and magnesium to assist in managing your diabetes.
  • Roasted chickpeas
    Consuming chickpeas every day in a proper amount may help prevent the progression of diabetes. Roasted chickpeas are also quite delicious.
  • Cheese and whole-grain crackers
    Cracker sandwiches can be converted into low sugar snacks for diabetics by pairing whole-grain crackers with low-fat cheese. The fat in cheese and fiber in crackers may prevent your blood sugar from shooting suddenly.
  • Black bean salad
    This is another healthy snack for diabetics. The fiber and protein contained in it keep the sugar controlled after the meals, which otherwise instantly rises in case of diabetes.
  • Sugar-free Greek yogurt
    Yogurt is one of the healthiest low sugar snacks for diabetics. It contains calcium and high-quality proteins that are actually needed for keeping the blood sugar in control. Also, this is one thing that can be consumed anytime during the day without worrying about your sugar levels.

With these low sugar snacks for diabetics, snacking no longer has to be difficult for you. These healthy and nutrient-dense options can be enjoyed even when traveling so that your blood sugar remains maintained all the time.