Many women struggle to achieve the perfect eye makeup. They either underplay and ignore projecting their beautiful eyes or overdo the eyes and end up looking gaudy. Here are some of the top professional eye makeup hacks that will make your eyes stand out in the crowd elegantly.

Professional eye makeup hacks

  • Brush your eyelashes with mascara
    This is a unique eye makeup hack that experts do to make eyelashes look longer in an instant. Instead of sweeping your mascara upwards, try brushing it towards the nose. You will see how full your lashes look this way.
  • Make your eyeshadows look brighter
    Do you want brighter and bolder eyeshadows? The trick lies in using a white eyeshadow as a primer before adding other colors. Use a good quality white eyeshadow over the eyelids and then follow up with the colors of your choice. The white base makes the eyeshadow stand out bold and bright.
  • Invest in a makeup remover pen
    This is one of the popular professional eye makeup hacks, especially if you are a beginner trying out different makeup tricks. Investing in a good makeup remover pen will cut down the time you spend on removing and correcting mistakes made when you are applying eyeliners or eyeshadows. These are saviors during busy mornings.
  • Use brown eyeshadow to make eyes look bigger
    Add some brown mascara to your lower lashes instead of the regular black one. This will make your eyes look bigger and bolder. Give this a try.
  • Dab some highlighter on the inner corners of the eye
    This is another age-old trick that works great in lifting the eyes and opening it up. Once you complete your eye makeup, take a very little amount of a glossy white highlighter and dab it on the innermost corner of the eye, near the tear duct.
  • Get the perfect wings with a spoon
    Use your teaspoon in the kitchen to get the perfect winged eyeliner. Place a spoon over your eyelids with the convex end facing out. You will see the spoon curving out like a perfect wing. You have to trace the line. Remove the spoon and fill up the wing. Repeat the same on the other side.
  • Use different kinds of mascara for better results
    First, use a volumizing mascara to make your lashes look thicker. Now, follow up with a lengthening mascara. Give a few seconds between both applications. This mixing of two mascaras will give you amazing results.

All these professional eye makeup hacks will make sure your eyes look stunning every time you step outside the house for any occasion. Make your eyes stand out and ensure the lips and the cheeks are subtly made-up. This is a great trick that will make you look natural and charming.