Foundation is an integral part of your overall makeup. As the term suggests, it forms the very base on which you can apply the other makeup items such as blusher and lipstick. Now, finding the right foundation is the most important way of ensuring that it lightens and brightens your skin in the desired way. With so many brands offering different shades and tones of foundations out there, these are some of the top skin foundation buying tips that you must consider.

Understand the Foundation Formula
One of the most basic skin foundation buying tips is to avoid jumping on the latest product that appears in the market. Makeup is a very wide subject and foundations are made of different formulas for varying effects, which you must understand. With thorrough research, you must find out which formula works best for your skin. For instance, if you have a dry and mature skin type, you should go for foundations that have moisturizing properties and add luminosity and radiance to your skin. On the other hand, the long-wear, mattifying formulas are ideal for oilier skin types and complexions.

Consider the Coverage
Considering the type of coverage, you want is also among the skin foundation buying tips to take note of. If you want a lighter makeup where you don’t exactly need to completely hide your spots and freckles, you should choose a light coverage foundation or a tinted moisturizer. In the same way, to get a dramatic look for an evening party, go for a full coverage foundation and pick a medium coverage one for the ideal airbrushed look. A built-up foundation is more preferred because it is suitable for both day and night.

Find the Undertone
This is one of the most important steps in buying foundations. The differences in the shades are really subtle and the variation in color is more of a slight difference in the undertones, i.e., warmer undertones and cooler undertones. To choose one for yourself, you must try the vein test. Bluish veins under the skin means a cool skin tone while greenish veins imply warmer skin tones. A neutral-toned skin will have a mix of the two. After you have understood your own skin tone, it will become much easier for you to buy foundations labeled as warm, cool or neutral.

Pick the Lighter Shade
Even after considering all these tips, you might be confused between two shades. Now, the thumb rule in such a situation is to always go with the lighter shade. If you want to deepen the shade on your cheeks, you can anyway do so using a blusher or bronzer. The more your foundation matches with your real skin tone, the more professional your makeup will look.

So, with the discussed skin foundation buying tips, you can be rest assured of making the most of this extremely useful and effective makeup item for all occasions.