Driving around compact cars is pretty easy and convenient. They are easy to navigate through busy streets and tight parking spots, making city commuting absolutely hassle-free. A lot of latest compact car models available today are equipped with top-notch tech features that enhance the pleasure of car trips. Let’s take a look at this year’s best compact cars that have bagged excellent scores for comfort and performance.

Volkswagen GTI
This car wins the top spot, owing to its ergonomic design, power-packed performance, and upscale interiors. It offers an enjoyable ride with plenty of space for the passengers and cargo. The user-friendly infotainment system ensures that you have a pleasant journey. The latest model comes with a suite of active security features that further add to the charm.

Honda Civic
Honda Civic is best known for its dynamic performance and spacious interiors. With excellent fuel economy, this agile, spirited car has a robust engine. It is quite reliable and features handsome cabin materials. The latest model of Honda Civic hatchback has a restyled exterior.

Kia Forte
This is another one of this year’s best compact cars. With plenty of cargo space and a host of innovative features, this model by Kia is largely preferred by smart users looking for something compact yet powerful. It has excellent fuel economy and an intuitive infotainment system. The seats are also quite spacious. The latest model features GT and G-line trims.

Mazda Mazda3
Madza3 is a great car in its segment that stands out due to its incredible drive and performance. It comes with a refined engine and a host of innovative tech features. With responsive steering and braking, the car promotes sporty handling. The model Mazda3 is supported with additional security features.

Hyundai Veloster
Hyundai’s Veloster is a well-rounded car that offers a powerful drive and excellent performance. Considered as one of this year’s best compact cars, it comes with a user-friendly infotainment system and intuitive technology. Well-bolstered seats ensure a comfortable and engaging ride. In the latest Veloster model, the manual transmission has been removed from Turbo Ultimate Trim.

Volkswagen Golf
A great combination of lively handling, a plethora of advanced features, and classy interiors make this one of the best compact cars. The neat and upscale cabin ensures adequate legroom to the passengers. There is plenty of cargo space, enabling the users to go on long vacations in this car. The latest model comes with high-tech security features and special infotainment upgrades.

Toyota Corolla
Highly reliable, Toyota Corolla is known for its impactful performance. It offers excellent fuel economy and comes with lots of active security features. There is adequate passenger and cabin space for a comfortable ride. The latest sedan is completely redesigned.

These are some of this year’s best compact cars. You can go through the features to decide upon the best one for your needs.